Put Garlic Under Your Pillow Every Night and This Will Happen to You

Consumption of garlic helps keep our bodies fresh and fights against aging. This is because the plant inhibits free radical activity and supports cardiovascular health. It has therefore been proven useful for respiratory and metabolic disorders.

People have been placing garlic under pillows for years. This habit actually pays because inhaling v the allicin battles insomnia due to its calming effect. As far-fetched as it sounds, it is a proven method. It also aids sleep by clearing blocked noses which allows for easy breathing. People who have made putting garlic under their pillow a habit have reported that they fall sick less frequently. This can be explained by considering that the allicin can block enzymes that allow microbes to conquer our bodies.



If inhaling garlic is not good enough, try eating it. You would likely encounter resistance from your spouse. Try telling them that the garlic keeps insects and even vampires away. No one wants those and so you have a greater chance of getting away with it. Although there is not a lot of research to prove that garlic aids sleep, it is somewhat derived considering the levels of potassium, allicin, and, magnesium. Magnesium aids sleep by keeping our GABA levels healthy. This means that the level of brain activity is reduced. Potassium reduces our chances of waking up with a start when sleeping. Combined, these two elements, give a palatable sleep. Consumption of garlic vastly reduces your chance for lacking the nutrients.

If you weave garlic into your diet, you will not need to take it before bed. Here is a recipe for a garlic beverage.


Crushed garlic clove

One cup of milk


  • Place the cup of milk into a pan.
  • Out in your crushed garlic
  • Boil the mixture and take it off when boiled.
  • When cooled take out the cove.
  • Drinking this will improve your sleep especially if it is drunk 30 minutes before bed.


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