Put Garlic Under Your Pillow Every Night and This Will Happen to You

Garlic has a reputation as being one of the most important and vastly used at home remedies. Garlic works fine if you need to flavor your stew. It also is your go-to item for warding off insects and vampires. And while vampires are unlikely to visit this time of the year, garlic still has a plethora of uses.

Garlic contains a high amount of calories. In every 100 grams of garlic, you have 100 calories. However, due to the strong flavor, you are very unlikely to use that much. Garlic also contains allicin which is sulfuric in nature and gives it its smell. Complex carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and even vitamins are present in garlic.

Due to the allicin present, garlic is good for treating infections and viruses. Another unknown use of garlic is as a sleep aid.  Garlic also features anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which are great for the body.

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