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6 Mad Kings You Probably Never Heard Of



6 Mad Kings You Probably Never Heard Of

History has witnessed quite a number of crazy people. Such people have disorders or illnesses which make them act a certain way. Luckily, most of these people have been ordinary Dicks, Toms, and Harrys without any real power or control to cause havoc on account of their personalities. Some, however, have.

These rulers who have ruled with these mental illnesses have proven that they are few things worse than a crazy king. Some of these rulers have illnesses which could be traced back to trauma but some, however, appears to have been born crazy.


6. Emperor Tiberius

Tiberius succeeded Emperor Augustus as emperor at an early age. While other young men of his age had not had their lives figured out, he was already in the dirty game of politics. At the age of 17, he began contesting for positions and somehow earned Augustus’ favor. Through Augustus’ guidance, he was able to climb the political ladder and appear in court as an advocate. Things seemed to be going greatly for Tiberius. He was doing well financially and was married to the love of his life, Vipsania Agrippina who was the daughter of Augustus’ closest friend. However, Augustus wanted more for Tiberius, he knew that if he dies, Tiberius could succeed him and so he requested that Tiberius divorce his wife, Vipsania, and marry his own daughter, Julia. The marriage, of course, was a disaster and when Tiberius ran into Vispiana one night and followed her home begging for forgiveness, Augustus made sure they would ever meet again. Julia was a very promiscuous wife who humiliated Tiberius. Soon, after losing his own adopted son to death, he had no choice than to accept to rule the nation. Life had dealt him some tough hands but he, however, made sure he got his revenge on innocents.

Soon after he became Emperor, Tiberius started to let his ‘crazy’ show. He had frequent bouts of paranoia. Apart from being paranoid, he executed people to death in masses. He had his enemies thrown off cliffs and directly into the sea. That was not enough, however, because he also hired sailors to wait at the bottom of the cliffs to bash the victim’s heads to ensure they did not survive. Tiberius always sat and watched the whole occurrence. Tiberius engaged in a number of horrific and disgusting sexual acts which include but are not limited to child molestation, rape, and cruelty during sex. His cruel treatments were not limited to strangers. He banished Agrippina, Julia’s sister to Pandateria. He ordered men to beat her up so badly that one of her eyes was permanently destroyed. He then locked up her son Drusus in a cell and left him to starve to death. Drusus attempted to eat the stuffing of his bed in order to survive.

At the age of 67, he retired and was later suffocated to death.


5. Emperor Caligula

Emperor Caligula’s name was not actually Caligula. Caligula is actually the name of a type of soldier’s boots. But as a child, he loved wearing those boots. He was not so partial to them when he grew. He hated being called Caligula and would imprison anyone who dared. Caligula was also very hairy and so hated the word ‘goat’. If he heard the word goat, he would assume he was being mocked and would imprison the unfortunate person. Around Caligula, it seemed shutting up was your best bet. This was because he hated his birth name, Gaius Caesar.

Name-calling paranoia was just a little shade of his craziness. He was an execution-happy emperor who often executed children and forced their parents to watch them being killed. He liked to add a little flavor to his meals by having a person tortured while he ate. In one instance, he cut off the hands of a thieving slave, tied them around his neck and displayed him while a feast went on. Caligula was notably wicked. He once had his zookeeper flogged every day with chains. The keeper’s brains started to ooze out of his head before he died.

Caligula liked to play ‘dress up’. Although he was the most powerful man in the nation, he would often dress up like gods or famous people. When he couldn’t legally get his hands on their items, he stole. He was known for having robbed the grave of Alexander the great so he could dress up in his clothes and look like him.


4. Emperor Nero

When he first ascended the throne, he was quite normal. But soon after, Nero ran totally crazy. Similarly to Caligula, he had a thing for names. The difference was that he had a name he wanted to be called. Nero demanded that everyone called him ‘God’ and if they did not, they were killed. He truly believed he was God though. The hilariously- scary thing about him was that he used to roam the streets of roam and pick fights with his subjects for no reason at all. Nero could not really fight and ended up stabbing the ones who put up a fight.

Nero killed his first wife to marry another woman who he became besotted with. Their marriage was a happy one until he kicked her to death during a heated argument. He killed his mother, brother, and his two wives. He also asked his old teacher to kill himself or else, he would kill him.

This obviously mad man kept a huge Egyptian who ate everything which isn’t totally bad except that he killed humans and ate them raw. Nero was like a lot of modern musicians who love to sing but cannot. He invited people to watch him on stage and locked them up preventing them from leaving until it was over. There is no doubt that Nero was a crazy king.


3. Emperor Domitian

Emperor Dominitian is one of the emperors who so blatantly did as he pleased. He displayed animal cruelty as well as human cruelty. He would capture animals and so cruelly murder them inflicting upon them as much pain as possible. He had a deep hatred for Jews and so he searched for them everywhere and had them put to death in cruel manners. He also put the goddesses of Vesta to death for allegedly having boyfriends since they were pledged to Vesta and were not supposed to for 30 years. He had the women buried alive and the suspected boyfriends beaten to death.

He suffered from intense paranoia. He always believed someone would try to stab him and so, he had the walls of his palace and living quarters fitted with mirrors all around. That way, he could see behind him at all times.


2. Christian VII of Denmark

Christian is another king who ascended the throne as a young boy. At 16, he was given the reigns over Denmark despite however inexperienced he was. Christian stepped into the big shoes and then, soon after, developed a habit. Christian began to masturbate. He masturbated so much that a physician was called in. The physician was scared that he would make himself infertile because of how frequently he masturbated.

Aside from that act, he was fond of slapping people, especially those bowing in greeting, for virtually no reason. He would also roam the streets of his lands and pick fights with poor unsuspecting victims in order to stab them. His physician who had been called to remedy his masturbation-addiction later took over the country.


1. Elagabalus

Born Varius Avitus or Avitus Bassianus. As Emperor: Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. Also known as Sacerdos Amplissimus dei Invicti Solis Elagabali. Capitoline Museum.

Elagabalus ascended the throne at a much younger age than even Christian VII of Denmark. His newfound title gave him much more power than he could handle. He was known to have engaged in sexual acts of various forms with both men and women. Some unverified sources even say that he experimented with animals. Elagabalus engaged in these sexual acts extremely frequently. He most at times met up with total strangers who were able to do what he wanted. He was a known crossdresser and was rumored to have been become a transgender later in life.

He was also well known for dressing up as a whore in order to get more people to have sex with. Due to his deprave sexual cravings, he is known to have married and divorced six women. One of these women was a priestess of Vesta who was not supposed to be engaging in sexual acts. Apart from the women, he is said to have married men as well.

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