Passive Income: 5 Worthy Steps for Building A Buyers List

Building a buyers list is that business opportunity that frees you from a lot of stress both physically and financially.

It is a passive income business that plays any tune you dictate.

However, not all types of buyers lists produce money. There are two lists: the prospect list and the customer list.

The prospect list is made up of freebie-seeking people who enter their names into opt-in boxes in order to get freebies.

The second list is made up of people who are customers and buy your products.

If you want to make money, concentrate on the buyer’s list. People on this list have demonstrated their trust I am you Buy purchasing things you’ve sold.

Building lists also means you have access to real names and email addresses to which you can send emails promoting even more products.

Obviously, the buyer’s list will make you more money than the freebies list.


1. Develop the right business mindset.

Teach yourself that this is a money making venture to make real money. It is a passive income business which means you get out what you put in.

2. Research Niche Market Ideas.

Carry out research to find out what exactly it is that people buy. Find out how much they are willing to pay for those things they buy

3. Offer a helpful solution,

Once you find that out your next step is to offer a solution that pays both you and the customers.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Helpful Solution

Make use of social media to announce your helpful solution to people. Post links, post links, and post more links. Find out which method brings you more traffic and work harder on it.

Build Your Buyer’s List

If you followed these steps rightly, you will experience steady growth in your buyer’s list.

Interact with your buyers and try to please them in order to retain them for the long term.

Engage new buyer’s in order not to lose them. Emails are one of the best ways to keep your buyer’s list growing.

Following these steps will earn you a great passive income.


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