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Ladies, 10 Types of Men You Should Avoid At All Cost!


Ladies, 10 Types of Men You Should Avoid At All Cost!

Getting a Mr. Right is a lot harder than it used to be in the medieval ages. Decades ago, you could wager on meeting a prince charming (or two) at a ball or during a tea party. If not, you could be assured that your family would fix an arranged marriage for you. This would be better because you could rightfully blame your parents if your marriage did not work out. These days, however, you have to find our own men and bear the full blame when these relationships don’t work out; you did the picking, after all.

This leads most women to wonder what type of men they should be picking. Of course, each person has individual qualities which they search for in their partner, but, there are some general qualities that every woman looks for in a man. Such qualities are dependability, responsibility, loyalty, understanding, and adaptability.

While most women know what they want and what they are attracted to, a lot do not know the type of men they should be avoiding. Men with negative and unsuitable characters do not always show their true colors right off. Rather, they exhibit small red flags that women tend to overlook in the name of love.

In this post, I have compiled ten types of men you should not be dating. If your prospective (or even current) man exhibits any of these traits, it’s a red flag. Run and do not look back.


1. The Life-of-the-Party (also known as the ‘Bad Boy’)

These types of men typically look ‘cool’. They have the dangerous mysterious aura, the slicked-back hair, and the deep eyes, coupled with the black leather jacket and the motorbike. If they don’t dress the part, they act it.

These men are great to party with. They make every party lively by just stepping in. They are usually daring, wild, rule breakers, and generally dangerous. Sadly, women are attracted to these sorts of men.

They are, however, ticking time bombs. Such a man is dangerous and can put your life into danger through his recklessness. They usually have a history of violent crimes. And even worse, these sorts of men are not ready for commitment.

If you are interested in a serious relationship, you are much better off without this sort of man. They are good for a night of fun but definitely not long term. You are likely to end up with a wrong phone number and a broken heart. In essence: Don’t date the life of the party. Date the guy who ensures that the life of the party gets home safe.


2. The Obsessive Bodybuilder

Most women appreciate a guy with muscles in the right place. Muscles usually compensate for other less-impressive features. A larger number of women would rather have a rock-solid man beside them than a skinny pretty boy.

Being conscious of how you look is great and healthy but not when it turns into an obsession. Some men have been so consumed by their need to look ‘ripped’, that little else matters. Such men can forgo needed items in order to purchase multi-vitamins and equipment. They will have little time for you as most of their breathing hours are spent in a gym.

Men with the obsessive bodybuilder trait are likely to be attention seekers. They usually have a laid down mental image of how they want the women whom they ‘grace’ with their partnership to look. However, the worst part is that a man who is so obsessed with muscles is likely to give his children a hard time if they are in anyway skinny.

There is more to life than how one looks. If a man doesn’t understand this, he is better on a poster on your wall than in your life.


3. The Mama’s Boy

It is common knowledge that a man who respects his mother will treat his woman right. While this may be true, it could get ugly quick. If a man ‘respects’ his mother to the extent that he makes her aware of every fight, discussion, misunderstanding, or decision you two make, run.

No woman wants another woman in charge of her family. You need a man who is capable of making rational decisions based on his observations and common sense. You do not need a man who buys that particular fridge because “mummy said it’s the best”. You deserve better.


4. The Loser

Life throws us lemons often, very often actually. But we have to get up and make lemonade and while we are at it, add some ice cubes. Allowing periodic defeats to become a part of one’s character is a dangerous thing.

The Loser is the man that is tired of trying. He has no enthusiasm towards life and takes thing as they come. A loser doesn’t try new things and is content to just ‘exist’. Do not exist, live.

You do not need such negativity in your life. Sooner or later, he is either going to rub off on you or get weary of your positive or upbeat view.


5. The Cheater

Do not attempt to be with a man who is a cheat. You may have heard stories but believe you can change him. Sadly, the truth is men only change if and when they want to. The phrase ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ is sadly quite true. And while there are men who recognize the error of their ways and abstain, they are the exception and not the rule.

Most women who stay with cheats do this because they feel they do not deserve better. Every person deserves loyalty, love, and respect as long as they are prepared to give it back. A lot of people strongly believe that humans were created in pairs and with possible spares. Do not fret and settle for a man who doesn’t respect you. You deserve better.


6. The Baby

Similar to the Mama’s boy, this type of man is immature. The key difference is that it’s by his doing alone. This type of man is inconsiderate, demands attention, wants things his way, doesn’t reason logically and takes your absence as a license to misbehave. That does sound like a child, right?

Some even try to emotionally blackmail you. The same way a child may scream “I hate you!” or “You’re the worst mother in the world!” to swerve your decision, is the same way this sort of man may pick words to hurt you. See-through the façade. He is a big baby and so, you need to leave him to grow.


7. The Pushover

Have you noticed that a man tends to let others make decisions for him? Is he afraid to stand up for his rights or for what he believes in? Is he a “yes” man? Congratulations, you have stumbled upon a pushover.

This type of man is dangerous to partner with. Everyone knows that the most successful partnerships require equal input. A pushover is not likely to give you that. He will also let his action be influenced by people outside of your relationship. You may love him, but he is not just worth it.


8. The One That Won’t Leave You Alone

Does your man insist o following you everywhere, having your passwords, checking your phone, or even following you to the bathroom to ensure you’re not having a man in there? Does he continually smolder you? If yes, you need a new man.

Healthy relationships include trust, lots of it. Truly, it is quite unfortunate that our significant others have to interact with people of the opposite sex, but it is just the way life is. This is why trust is necessary.

If your partner doesn’t trust you enough to leave you to be by yourself at times, you are not likely to last. There is really no issue in having your partner’s passwords or tagging along often but when it becomes a mandatory action in other to remain in a relationship, you are better off single.


9. The Awkward One

It is widely believed that humor is a germane part of every relationship. In a relationship, both parties need to be able to unwind with each other. Some days are going to be terrible and there is nothing to do other than to laugh.

If you with someone who is emotionally distant or always serious, you are in for a tough ride. Such a relationship defeats the main aim of relationships; companionship. Couples need to be at ease with each other. If your partner’s presence sets you on edge, you are with the wrong person.

Do not mistake a shy person for an emotionally distant person. A shy person might be awkward in company. However, when it is just two of you, he leaves you no doubt about how he feels for you and where your relationship stands.


10. The Man That Wants To Change You

Nobody is perfect. There are definitely things about you that need changing or improvement and, it is not wrong when your partner points that out. But, there is a line. Does your partner complain about everything? Does he constantly make you feel you are not enough? Does he bash your choices and preferences?

A man that does all these is not for you. He is not for anyone, in fact, because everyone needs to be appreciated. You do not need to change yourself to please someone. If you were bad, he wouldn’t be with you in the first place. Learn your worth.


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